Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rhino's Emporium Web Site

Screenshot (7)Screenshot (4)This was my first website built from scratch. It is being hosted on Host Gator and was build using Kompozer and uses CubeCart for the store portion. Rhino wanted a gray background with his soaps being the star of the page. So I've tried to keep most of the non-product items white, gray or black. This really helps the soaps to pop out from the page. The site is mostly html with some javascript. I am currently working on two more sites. One will be done using WordPress, and not sure about the other one yet.     Hoping to do my site soon on Host Gator. Cube Cart was the best free cart I found out there. The documentation is not the greatest, but it is mostly PHP so was easy to modify the parts that we didn't like.