Saturday, October 22, 2016

Crazy Week and Patterns

This past week has been crazy!  I'm working on my construction hat pattern and think I have it almost ready to post.  I'd like to get some pictures of the various steps and then I'll be adding it to the blog.  Think I'll post a pattern for my mohawk hat as well. 

I found out this last week that I have torn my achilles tendon.  Now for those of you who have not had this pleasure it is extremely painful.  I have been icing my heel (feels great) and then putting a pain killing lotion on it.  Yesterday I received my 'boot'.  This think is so awful, here in Florida the last think you want is something that insulates your foot and leg this well.  I do at least have a light weight brace to wear at night instead of this clunky thing.  I'm really not complaining though, wearing the boot does allow me to walk (albeit a little crookedly).  I have missed being able to get out and walk!

Sales have been up this past week too so I've been getting those mailed out and have designed a few new hats.  Will have photos soon.  Hope everyone has had an amazing week!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Construction Hat and Paw Patrol

My favorite little customer celebrated his 2nd birthday this year.  His mom said he loved cars and trucks and thought a yellow construction hat would be just the ticket for him.  So I looked around at some construction hats and came up with a design.
I got the hat finished and boxed it up and sent it off and never heard anything.  This is totally unlike his mother she usually let's me know the moment things arrive and what she thinks of them.  She was planning a wedding though, so I didn't want to ask thought I'd wait until after the wedding.

Well the wedding came and went and still didn't hear, which is alright but I of course was wondering if she didn't like the hat.  So I was chatting to her about something else and asked about the hat.  The box never made it there!!!!

So now his birthday is passed.  So she mentioned that he liked paw patrol and a paw patrol hat would be really cool.  I had never heard of paw patrol (the disadvantage of having grown kids and no grand kids, no excuse to watch cartoons lol).  So I started looking around and there was a character called Rubble.  And guess what......Rubble wore a construction hat!

So I took my construction hat design and modified it to make a rumble hat.  All that was required were ears and a paw patrol emblem.  Now I can't sell these because it would be a copyright infringement, but I am working on a pattern for the construction hat that hopefully I will get posted by next week.  Just making sure that the pattern is easy to follow.  The construction hat has been added to the shop  you can find it here.  Am also going to try to keep the newborn construction hats in the RTS section of the shop.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

While I Was Out

I have gone back to work and am still trying to figure out how to juggle everything.  Working, taking care of my Mom, running my business and trying to keep up with my blogs became a little too much.  But since I have been missing my blog decided it's time to figure out how to get it all done.   

Recently I have been trying to crochet more ready to ship items (RTS).  One of the first items I decided to put in the store was this adorable little monkey.  As you can see I am still working on my photos.  I have finally been able to purchase a new camera (one of the advantages of going back to work).  Hopefully you will notice improvement in my images as we move forward with the blog.   

Also I had the opportunity to purchase a life size doll to display my baby items on for pictures.  This should give everyone a better idea of how these really look.  The picture to the left is a mohawk hat that was requested from a Carolina Panther's fan.  I loved it so much once I designed it I have added it to the shop.  Also have made it in orange and black for the RTS section of my shop.  It can be requested in any team's colors and if it looks like the RTS ones sell well I will add more teams to the shop.  This picture was taken with the new camera and I think it shows an amazing difference between the picture of the hat and the picture of the monkey.
Will be adding at least two posts a week from now on and hope to start adding a pattern or recipe every week or so.  Have a good week everyone!