Saturday, October 22, 2016

Crazy Week and Patterns

This past week has been crazy!  I'm working on my construction hat pattern and think I have it almost ready to post.  I'd like to get some pictures of the various steps and then I'll be adding it to the blog.  Think I'll post a pattern for my mohawk hat as well. 

I found out this last week that I have torn my achilles tendon.  Now for those of you who have not had this pleasure it is extremely painful.  I have been icing my heel (feels great) and then putting a pain killing lotion on it.  Yesterday I received my 'boot'.  This think is so awful, here in Florida the last think you want is something that insulates your foot and leg this well.  I do at least have a light weight brace to wear at night instead of this clunky thing.  I'm really not complaining though, wearing the boot does allow me to walk (albeit a little crookedly).  I have missed being able to get out and walk!

Sales have been up this past week too so I've been getting those mailed out and have designed a few new hats.  Will have photos soon.  Hope everyone has had an amazing week!

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